Amelia's Gift

Images of scenes and events that inspired my life story.

From Chapter # 16 - Standing on an arched wooden bridge over a creek with no waterMy mother, AmeliaChapter #15 - Caspersen Beach, known as the "Shark Tooth Capital of the World."  This beach is located in the Venice, FL area, just south of Sarasota, FL. My father, EdwardChapter #1 - My mother, Amelia, featured on front cover of GE's FACTORY Magazine in 1941Chapter #7 - Delta II Rocket Explosion.  Photo taken by my friend Shirley FordChapter #15 - Sunset at Caspersen Beach. This is where the fossils wash up on the shore.From Chapter 4:  My dog FluffyFrom Chapter 5.  My new husband caryying me over the threshold on our wedding dayFrom Chapter 5:  What is wrong with this picture?One of the beautiful beaches in Mexico visited during one of the many cruises throughout the storyFrom Chapter 15:  Beach at Coco Cay  (Royal Caribbean's Private Island in the Bahamas)Chapter 15:  Magnificent scenery during my morning walk in Westport, MA Chapter 15:  One of the pet Llamas in the neighborhood in Westport, MAChapter 15:  Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade at Anna's lovely home in Westport, MAChapter 1:  My parents Amelia and Ed when they were young and in loveChapter 1:  The 1936-1937 GE Basketball Team.  My mother Amelia is second from the left standing up.  According to my father, she was their star player.Chapter 6:  Delta Rocket on Mobile Service Tower Day Before Launch.  The launch pad was very close to the trailer that I worked in.Chapter 6:  Looking Up Through the Coconut Palms on an exotic island in the BahamasChapter 6:  Fishing at Cocoa Beach.  I'm pretty sure that someone else actually caught the fish I am holding in the photoChapter 6:  A scenic beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.Chapter 6:  Delta Rocket Night Before LaunchChapter 5:  Fishing Boat in the backyard.  Took many cruises down the canal and through the locks into the portChapter 1:  Waiting for the first shuttle launch.  It was postponed several times before it actually launched.  After the first few attempts they stopped giving us time off from work to watch it.From Chapter 3:  The photo I had taken showed me sitting in his office chair, smiling, with my feet up on his deskFrom Chapter 7:  The Army General who posed for a photo after helping me onto the piano.Chapter 18: Riding the Carousel on Oasis of the SeasChapter 18:  Live Painting Demonstration on Oasis of the SeasChapter 15:  View of Freedom of the Seas from Coco CayMy Brother Mark - From Chapter OneMy Sister Gail and Me on one of our many cruisesMy Father's Garden - Chapter 2Chapter 13:  The Black Rocks at Casperson Beach, FLChapter 3: Rollelr Skating at Sportsmans HallMy dog Fluffy and me when she was just a puppy