I really enjoyed this book! - November 18, 2015 -- by: DP

I really enjoyed this book! It is a lovely story of love and mystery with historical references throughout. The author provides descriptive narrative which allows you into the lives of the characters and their adventures. I especially enjoyed the surprise ending, as there is nothing more disappointing than a predictable one! Well done!

Great story! - November 15, 2015 -- by: Vanessa

This book is an excellent read. Keeps you turning the pages and has detailed character descriptions. I really enjoyed it!

VERY GOOD READING HOLDS YOUR ATTENTION! - November 13, 2015 -- by: Amazon Customer

This is an excellent book, combining new loves, family, new starts, and a little taste of ghostly happenings. Debra is an excellent author and generous person.

Five Stars- November 4, 2015 -- by: Amazon Customer

Kept me interested & guessing till the very end.

A Good Read - October 22, 2015 -- by: Bill Carter

Never heard of the author but the back cover description sounded interesting, so bought it at a local gift shop. Good story, well written and worth the time.

A Perfect Gift for Anyone - Oct 17, 2015 - by: Gail Phillip

I received this book as a gift, and what a wonderful gift it was! I found it easy to follow and the great descriptive language made the characters come to life for me. I loved all the twists and turns in the plot and not being able to predict the ending. After reading some of the chapters I think I may even try a short hike on the Appalachian Trail. Two thumbs up!

Jenna's Story - Sep 27, 2015 - by: George Miller

An interesting adventure with a great hook. I couldn't put the book down

Wonderfully Written Page Turner! - Sep 22, 2015 - by: ShopHappy

I picked this up and read it all the way through the same day. It has just the right amount of suspense mixed with romance to keep you turning the pages. Very descriptive passages and believable characters make it easy to picture the story in your mind. Highly recommended!

Intrigue of The Meadows, September 20, 2015 - by: Andy Carlson

The Meadows is a romantic historical novel with as many twists and plots and character as there are switchbacks on the Appalachian Trail, so prevalent in this pleasant fictional read. As the plot "thickens" the intrigue will keep you guessing till the unexpected conclusion.


February 2, 2014 - by: Peter Zemelka

Amelia's Gift offers a snap shot of life in America growing up in the Cold War years and later. Can a single woman overcome adversity? In her autobiography, Debra John says "yes!"-- but with a little help and some personal effort. Although good looks and charm helps, it's never enough! It takes divine help, hard work and talent; intellect, family, friends and a passion to succeed to overcome! Amelia's Gift is an inspiration to us all! Thanks, Debbie, for sharing your story!

Sep 11, 2013 - by: miamicanes

Alcoholism is the most deadly disease. The word-Disease-usually does not ring the bell when talking about Disease's in general. Alcohol affects four people around one drinker. They in return affect four more. The only saying, "I only had two," is the most common answer an alcoholic gives when questioned about their drinking. To live with one is living hell, can't think of another nicer term. Some Alcoholic's are garden variety and sleep behind a couch or anywhere flat. However, the ones that go on a rampage leave behind not only broken cars, but broken hearts. And for some, the broken hearts are a lifetime of therapy. Debra has done a good service to all who have encountered this Disease.

May 24, 2013 - by: DianneSpiritlight

This was an awesome tale of love and loss, survival and spiritual growth. The adventures described were very entertaining!! Very fresh style!! Loved it!

A sweet story of love and faith, May 14, 2013 - by: J. Belfie

Ms. John has written a delightful memoir about a woman, who through trials and challenging events, conquers life itself.
Adversary plagued her -- first with an alcoholic father -- then a wandering husband, who also turned to alcohol. While many would become despondent, she showed the beauty of the human spirit, which emerges victor through personal faith.
This was a well-written, and inspirational read, and I recommend it to anyone searching for meaning in their own life. (Hope there will be a sequel or new book from this talented writer.)

Belly-dancing, rockets red glare, and messages from beyond!, April 7, 2013 - by: K. Taylor

This positive story follows the spirited life of a woman, Lisa, from her upbringing in Maryland through her career in Florida and Massachusetts and back to Florida again. When her first marrage crumbles, we wonder whether she will ever find happiness in love again. Well, maybe...but first, she must find herself. And she does so by trying out all sorts of new things to improve the quality of her life, from belly-dancing to Caribbean cruises. This is not a woman who sits back and lets life happen to her.

The book is full of fun facts about the mid-twentieth century and the decades beyond, some of which I remember with the same emotions. I even learned some interesting trivia about the space program in its earlier years. But my favorite part was the drive of Lisa's inner spirit to interpret the messages from loved ones, and in the process, to discover the true meaning of her existence.

March 17, 2013 - by: Carolyn Wakefield

Well-written first novel. This biographical novel has memorable characters with whom many people will relate. I hope that the author will continue her story in her next book.

Charming & inspirational, December 3, 2012 - by: Chassie West

A charming retrospective on growing up during the mid-20th century and beyond, combining the innocence of childhood and the impact of World War II and alcohol on family life. Debra John reflects on the inheritance of this period with its highs and lows. Lending a brilliance over it all is the gift from Beyond from her mother, Amelia. The gift sets into motion a chain of events--beyond coincidence--that make for an interesting story filled with drama, suspense, humor, and spirituality.

November 6, 2012 - by: Della

Debra John has crafted an easy read spiritual book for all who have come from a family with alcohol in the home or live with an alcoholic spouse. She tells you of her journey through funny antedotes, inspirational motivation, and romantic ups and downs. She goes into how to go from being co-dependent to a thriving woman in a wonderful story form. An easy read book, it has inspired me and my friends to remember to love ourselves first so we can recognize and accept the love that we so deserve. More than a story, this book delivers a message that will benefit many.

A Tender Read. August 17, 2012 - by: Dianna Jo Shire

This was an excellent read. The author was very descriptive and I felt like I was there with her. She has led an interesting life and for some of the misery that she endured, it sounds like she is living a beautiful life now. A good book.

Hearing someone's story. July 10, 2012 - by: Laurie Triplett

So often in today's society we don't hear each others stories. Perhaps we get a few bits and pieces here and there, but often we do not get enough to really understand the wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful) quirks of the people we know. While some of the details in this story were heart-breaking, it was refreshing to hear "Lisa's" semi-autobiographical story of the phoenix rising from the flames. I thought it was a bit slow in the beginning but overall it was fast-paced, fun, vivid, honest, vulnerable, and almost as intimate as reading someone's diary. Honestly, I am a bit uneasy about how she received some of her messages. However, what she describes are her experiences so I can not discount them.

One of my favorite parts, having known "Alex" for over 10 years, was how well Debra John captured his hilarious dry wit.

I encourage you to read this book not only for an entertaining read but also to ponder your own story and how it has shaped you into the person you are today (for better or worse...). And may we all be able to transform our wounds into healing.

Heartfelt & Inspirational. February 24, 2012 - by: Lisa Ellen

I started reading Amelia's Gift one morning and took the rest of the day off to finish it. Debra John weaves a wonderful uplifting story from her own experience through the eyes of "Lisa" her main character. Facing adversity and challenge, Lisa's armed with courage, strength and determination. Her positive attitude, kindness and sense of humor sustain her. Through faith and patience, Lisa finds the well earned reward she truly deserves. Amelia's Gift is a satisfying book that will leave the reader inspired and motivated.

An inspirational story. February 5, 2012 - by: Julie Hall

What a beautiful story about hope, courage and faith. I had trouble putting this book down, as the author kept my interest in every aspect of her experience. I was inspired by Lisa's ability to enjoy life and to move toward what she wanted for herself, and her willingness to listen to her mother's message. I am always inspired by stories of people who are able to keep their hearts open and exhibit love and kindness, especially to those who have hurt them, and who receive it for themeselves in the end. This is definitely an easy, enjoyable read, filled with gifts of the heart.

Hope and Inspiration. January 7, 2012 - by: Kimberly M. Fisher (kfish)

Amelia's Gift is the uplifting, and semi-autobiographical story of Lisa, who overcomes sad circumstances and adversity through spirituality. Although Lisa relies on prayer and her optimistic nature to face down challenges throughout the book, one defining moment at her mother's deathbed serves as a catalyst for deepening her faith.

Dealing first with an alcoholic father and then with an unfaithful alcoholic husband, there is no shortage of heartbreak for Lisa. Rather than give up, she finds enjoyment through activities like dancing and her career. Lisa sets goals and achieves them, such as moving to her dream home. She keeps praying, and receives guidance from her mother, even beyond her death. Remaining open to those messages, Lisa receives one final gift, and holds on until there is no doubt it is truly hers.

I recommend this book to anyone who needs a model for moving through adversity, those who are caught in patterns of co-dependence with substance abusers, anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one, and to the reader who wants to enjoy a true story with a happy ending.

This is the author's first novel. It was an easy, quick read, and I look forward to more books by Ms. John

A very enjoyable read. January 4, 2012 - by: Gail Phillip

Amelia's Gift has it all. It's a love story, a sad story, a joyous story, an entertaining story, and an inspirational story. It has it all, and is very well written by a first time published writer.It is also based on true events in the life of the author.

Amelia's Gift (Kindle edition) December 31, 2011 - by: Sheila

This is a heartfelt book filled with hope, despair, emotion, and joy. Debra John is a talented writer. Her writing is both mesmerizing and colorful. It really holds the reader's attention. Start your New Year by reading her story of life and love.

Heart-Warming Story for a Winter Day. December 27, 2011 - by: PhoebeAnne

Amelia's gift is an easy to read tale of love, loss, laughter and family legacies which are better left beind. Short enough to be read on a Kindle at fireside, but long enough to allow the reader to connect with the characters and warmer climates, this book is the perfect read for a blustery winter day.