The Meadows by Debra Ann Davis

Set in New England in the 1980s, "The Meadows" is an eclectic love story with an outdoor/adventure theme, including scenes from the Appalachian Trail. The story begins when Jenna Anderson discovers a nineteenth century home she wants to buy and is told it is vacant. Or is it?

After she moves in, she joins forces with her realtor, Keith, and they search for hidden secrets inside the house. Meanwhile, Jenna's father introduces her to his coworker, Dr. Benjamin Watson -- a man whom she finds extremely irritating with his southern drawl and relentless romantic pursuit.

Through a series of spooky humorous events, Jenna is guided to the right man.

Included in the storyline are scenes from Big Meadows Campground in Virginia, Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire, and Blood Mountain and Amicalola Falls State Park in Georgia. Stony Man Camp (located in Skyland, Virginia in the late 1800s) is also included.

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"I really enjoyed this book! It is a lovely story of love and mystery with historical references" -- Amazon Review on Nov 18, 2015
"Five Stars" -- Amazon Review on July 29, 2016
"Kept me interested & guessing till the very end" -- Amazon Review on Nov 4, 2015
"Loved it! The Meadows was a charming read - nothing better than when a mystery & love story come together" -- Amazon Review on April 10, 2016
"Loved this book. Enjoyed historical references and all the twists & turns" -- Amazon Review on Dec 26, 2016
"This book is wonderful. Once you start reading it is impossible to put it down" -- Amazon Review on Jan 28, 2016
"An interesting adventure with a great hook. I couldn't put the book down" -- Amazon Review on 27 Sep, 2015
"Wonderfully written page turner! I picked this up and read it all the way through the same day" -- Amazon Review on Sep 22, 2015
"The Meadows is a romantic historical novel with as many twists of plots and character as there are switchbacks on the Appalachian Trail" -- Amazon Review on Sep 20, 2015
"As a guy I readily recommend it! A great story with twists and turns. Not slanted towards women and pure romantic fiction." -- Amazon Review on Sep 14, 2016
"Fun to read. Could not put it down." -- Amazon Review on Feb 10, 2017

The Meadows Author Debra Ann Davis
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